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Who is behind Those "We Buy Houses" Signs in Greenville?

Are Genuine Organizations Behind Those "We Buy Homes" signs scattered throughout the Upstate?

Possibilities are that you have actually seen them protruding off the ground on the side of the roadway or blasted on signboards along the highway. They might be handwritten with markers or professionally printed, but the message is undeniably clear. "We buy houses." Many of these signs will indicate other details like "cash for houses Greenville" or “sell your house fast for cash” and promise an expedient closing.

Becoming a victim of a scam Is not what anyone would want to be involved in, particularly when it includes a significant investment like a home.  However, those "We Buy Homes" signs can lead to genuine services with real people who truly buy houses for cash.

Unfortunately, those same “bandit” signs in some cases result in fraudsters aiming to make a quick buck on an unsuspecting seller. Comprehending how the local Greenville real estate market works and what to ask these people behind the signs when you talk to them.  Asking the right questions and doing your research on the business helps you distinguish between the heroes and the bad guys.

Individuals Behind These Bandit Signs

In lots of cases, the individuals behind these "we buy houses" signs are real estate investors looking for properties to purchase to either renovate themselves or flip to another to another investor which is called wholesaling. Others hold on to the houses and sell them when the regional market values go up. Some local cash buyers choose to turn the houses they purchase into rental homes.

The Role of the Real Estate Investor

Considering that cash purchasers usually buy homes as is, they supply relief for house owners who require to make significant repair work to their houses but do not have the money to complete them. They likewise assist those who want to sell a vacant house without dealing with the time and inconvenience of showing the residential or commercial property and negotiating a contract through a real estate representative.

How Does a Money Sale Work?

When a seller contacts a money home buyer about a potential sale, the purchaser first checks out the property to assess its worth. This starts with an assessment of the residential or commercial property during which the purchaser notes structural and cosmetic repair work that needs to be done. The purchaser then performs a market search to identify the recent price of comparable homes in the area.

Equipped with the potential worth of the property, the buyer then presents an offer to the seller. Given that the transaction is a money offer, the seller does not have to wait for the buyer and the residential or commercial property to meet the lending institution's requirements for funding.  Knowing that a buyer is paying cash and needs no financing certainly eases the stress for the seller and their family.

Tips for Picking the Right Cash Buyer

Offering your home for sale to an investor who is willing to pay cash makes good sense for some people. If you've considered the benefits and drawbacks of this type of deal and decided it's the best path for your situation, take your time choosing a local homebuyer. The more you understand about companies that buy houses for cash and how they run, the much better prepared you are to choose the purchaser that best satisfies your specific requirements.

Do Your Research Online

The most crucial step you can take as a home seller is to learn as much as possible about the buyer. Find out how they do business and how previous customers responded to their work. You can check with the BBB, look at the prospective cash buyer’s website and online reviews which can be found through Google.  Check out their "about us" page to see who they are and if they put a face to their business. A real company will have a presence online with reviews from past homeowners in Greenville who sold their house to them.  

When you speak to the buyer, ask about the team's experience in real estate. With the advent of home flipping shows springing up all over television, there has been an influx of “wannabe” home flippers who advertise that they buy homes but just started and have no practical experience.  Sure, everyone needs to start somewhere but do you want your home to be their “test project”?  Learn how many houses they've purchased throughout the years and ask for references so you can verify that what they deliver on what they promise.

Discover How They Calculate Value On Your Home

A reliable and experienced house buying business will gladly show you essential information like how it identifies your house's current market value. Ask to see the properties they used in their market analysis and the price quotes they have for the repairs. When you see this info, you feel more positive in the offer they make and are better able to decide whether you wish to finalize on their offer to buy.

Ideally, the purchaser makes a profit by making the needed repairs then selling the property as quickly as possible or they will place the property up for lease. For this factor, the deal you receive from the cash buyer is normally less than what you 'd expect from a traditional buyer.  Remember, after the closing and funding of the sale of your home, you will receive your check from the title company.  You walk away and the investor will now have to deal with the home in hopes of making a profit.

Take Notice of the Terms of the Agreement

The final factor to consider when picking a cash home buyer is in regards to the transaction details of the proposed agreement made by the investor.  Start by reviewing the amount the purchaser is willing to offer to pay for the residential or commercial property. Then compare this to any concessions and contingencies in the agreement. You might find that the largest money offer actually yields less money than an as-is offer for a somewhat lower amount. Make certain the composed agreement matches what you accepted verbally with the buyer. A trustworthy homebuyer will not add or delete anything to a contract without discussing with you first. 

If you're searching for a way to sell your house as quickly as possible, go ahead and call the number on one of those "We Buy Homes" signs or you can just contact SC Home Offer today and we will show you why we are Greenville’s most trusted home buyers. 

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Advantages of Selling Directly To An Investor in Greenville SC

In general, going the traditional route to sell your house-- that is, utilizing a property agent, going through numerous improvements, and awaiting a buyer to qualify for funding-- will often get you a greater sale price. It takes much longer, and you lose an excellent portion of the proceeds to charges and commissions. In certain scenarios, the advantages of offering your home directly to an investor in Greenville SC far outweigh the cons.

Cash Payment

Property investment firms and numerous individual investors have the wherewithal to pay cash when they buy a home. If you sell to an investor, you'll often get a complete cash payment on the closing date when the dotted lines are signed and funding is completed.
Although a cash payment from a professional home buyer may be a little less than what you would receive through the traditional process, it is much faster. You likewise will not have the concern of a deal falling through when a buyer can't obtain financing or they get cold feet.

" As-Is" Purchase

An investor is frequently willing to purchase your home in its existing condition, and you will not have to sink a bunch of cash in repair work and remodeling before you can offer your home for sale. Further, you won't have to endure-- or pay for-- any home evaluations (appraisals).

No Commissions

When selling your house directly to a local cash homebuyer, you will not be using an agent, and so you will not have to pay the representative's commission. You will receive the full amount of the sales price minus any existing mortgage or liens at closing. If you require cash fast and require to know precisely how much you'll get from the sale of your home, this can be a substantial plus.

Quick Closing

As shown above, another of the advantages of offering directly to an investor in Greenville is a quick closing. If you sell to an investment business that specializes in purchasing houses for cash, closing can happen in as little as 7 – 10 days from the time of the deal.  Of course, the title company will have to have all documents prepared prior to closing.

Foreclosure Avoidance

For some individuals, this can be a big benefit of selling directly to a cash homebuyer in Greenville SC. If for whatever reason-- divorce, injury, layoff, medical expenses-- you may have actually fallen behind on your mortgage payments and can’t get current with the mortgage, the bank might be threatening to reclaim your home. So, if foreclosure is on the horizon, selling straight to an investor might be a fast and easy way out for you.

You can avoid ruining your credit and perhaps even putting your loved ones on the street. Obviously, selling to an investor may not be the ideal service, but it can get you out of an apparently hopeless circumstance and let you keep your dignity undamaged. And if you truly don't wish to vacate your home, you may not have to. Some investment companies will presume the mortgage and enable you to stay in your house and lease it from them.

Obviously, the benefits of selling straight to an investor in Greenville are numerous and important. The issue is, though, numerous inexperienced sellers just don't know how to go about selling to an investor. That's where we can assist with your situation and provide you with a solution that works.

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